Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag,


and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands,


One Savior, Crucified,


and coming again,


With life and liberty for all who believe.

        From Whence We Came

The Fellowship Of Faith was founded in BRENHAM as a religious order that supports socially disadvantaged families through programs and faith-based growth.

Since then, The Fellowship Of Faith has expanded the scope of its community services to include drug prevention, community outreach and shelter facilities for displaced families.


The needs of our community seem to be growing by the day, and we have recently expanded to meet these needs. Over the years, we have learned that what people sometimes need the most is someone who will listen to their concerns - someone they can turn to for support when the going gets tough. And that's what The Fellowship Of Faith is all about.


In the fall of 1995 three men met at the home of George & Theresa Nelson in Houston, Texas to discuss planting a church. The first meeting was attended by Earl Franklin, Damon Kallie and George Nelson. The men discussed the need of a ministry and where it should be located. Rev. Nelson ask the men to pray and return in thirty days to further discuss the formation of the church. The men returned with a new person interested in joining the team by the name of Roy Rogers. They discussed the formation and gave birth to the name. Grace Fellowship Baptist Church was settled on by the four brothers. Rev. Nelson then sent them off in search for a facility to hold services. He knew they would have a difficult time to find one, however two weeks later they came up with a church building that had been shut up for years.


After negotiations with the owner of the building in February of 1996 they held their first bible study on Tuesday which was well attended in Brenham, Tx at the former New Bethel church. The church was off and building it place in the history in Washington County. They decided to hold the first church services on March 17, 1996, Rev. Nelson birthday. The founding members of the church was Rev . George Nelson Jr. his wife Theresa and Tray and Brandee, Rev Damon Kallie and his family Dextra, two daughters and a son, Rev. Roy Rogers and his family and Brother Earl Franklin. In attendance was Traci Wade, Serrita Currington , Wilma Atkinson, Tamika Rogers and other family and friends. The church needed a leader and asked Rev. Nelson to become their pastor. After accepting the pastorate Pastor Nelson scheduled a dedication and installation service for the church for April. The guest minister and the church contact pastor by voice mail and stated they couldn’t make it due to opposition of other pastor not wanting to see the church start. So pastor preached it himself and the church was off and running.


Not long after starting the church the owner of the building started making demands (because of outside pressure) and wanted his building back. The church started a feeding program now known as Annie Mae Nelson Food Pantry, which fed 16 families in its first year. Then the church started a radio program on KWHI 1280 AM which held #1 for 4 years in its time slot. After the first year pastor and the members decided not to continue to fight the owner of the building and relocated the church to a local hotel meeting room. Many abandon the church when that move was made however knowing that God has called for this church to exist the faithful few pressed on. Now the church was more a youth movement because the adults either quit or went somewhere else. The wilderness experience lasted about 1 and an half years.


Pastor Nelson and MacArthur Drake were riding and talk and came upon a building that he had saw in a vision stopped and ask to speak to the pastor he was not there. Three days later a call came and the voice on the other end stated that they had been praying for God to send someone by to purchase this building and pastor said “Here I Am”. Again after much opposition we moved from 400 feet to 11000 sq ft facility on a half of city block. In 1998 we moved into 1603 Church St. and change the call sign to Grace Fellowship Baptist Church. We will always be grateful to Pastor Glen Shackleford and The Word of Life Church. Rev Earl Franklin became our first deacon before he started preaching. Since then, numerous men have been ordained as deacons and licensed ministers under this fellowship.

Photo Gallery: Our BRENHAM Community Center

Thank you for 22 years!

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